Aging Never Felt So Good!

6:00 AM

What an incredible week since my birthday. My heart is full from all the "happy birthdays" and tokens of affection...

The Highlights:

*favorite breakfast *custom made dress *climbing Timpanogos Caves with family  *finding extra clothes in our van after four year old puked all over the car on the drive up to Timpanogos Caves *surprise weekend trip to Las Vegas from hubby...
surviving the hike we didn't think we would live through *fridge degree temperature inside the caves... ooohhh...ahhhh....

*Seeing Micheal Buble in concert *Seeing Beatles Love Cirque du Soli  *having quite the adventure finding an Old Navy in Vegas * souvenirs * baby sitters for in-laws *shopping at the oldest swap meet in the USA *seeing Inception movie in a real movie theater that has buttered popcorn (a luxury for people who live in small town Utah) *piping-hot-right-off-the belt Krispy Kreme doughnut!!!

*loads of birthday cards *blog comments galore *winning peoples-choice award on my oil painting at our county fair *getting birthday packages in the mail * dinners at great restaurants... *loosing 20lbs *fitting into new clothes... *feeling so blessed.

My cup runneth over.

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  1. Oh My Goodness, Julia!
    You crammed ALL THAT into one week?

    It sounds like an amazing time and you deserved it!

  2. Love it! I have been there and that hike is a killer!! Good for you and I am so happy that you had a great birthday. I am losing weight too. I have lost 30 lbs and am still going strong. Hope you reach your goal!

  3. That hike is brutal! And then add the nervous mother (me) who's sure my boys are going to walk off the edge. I was never so glad to be in a cave. The hike down wasn't nearly as scarey, and took a fraction of the time.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday this year! The caves sound fun & what a beautiful view! If I knew you were hitting a Krispy Kreme I'd have had you eat one for me, lol! Our last one vanished this Summer.

  5. wow! happy belated birthday :) i loved seeing michael buble when he was here in vancouver. you're going to really enjoy it! he puts on a super entertaining show :D


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