Now you know my ABC's

6:24 AM

A is for Anniversary of the day I was Married. Its been 8 years this month and we are still going strong!
B is for Brandon, by husband. Without him I am lost and only half a person.
C is for California. The state I was born in... but we actually lived in West Virginia, was visiting Grandma in Nevada when my mom went in to labor and was flown to a California Army medical base to have me.
D is for Domestic Engineer (aka at home mom) Which my teenage self never thought I would become but my grown up self is learning to love.
E is for Eggleston. The family who took me in after my mother passed away, and they made me one of their own. Thank you for all of the love you continue to show me.
F is easily for Family. My family is who I am and what I do. It is my past, future, and forever.
G is for Girl. I was always the tom boy in my family as a child and now with a husband and only 2 sons, I have never felt more like a girly girl in all my life.
H is for Hip Hop. I am a Utah LDS mother of two and yes I occasionally like to get jiggy with it.
I is for Instruments... Musical Instruments that is. I play the clarinet and saxophone. I was actually 1st chair in high school band for two years. Now I just play for fun in my non existent spare time.
J is for Juse. This was my nick name from the time I was about 14. A little kid accidental called me that once while trying to say Julia in front of my friends. My friends thought it was so cute they stuck with it.
K is for Kids in which I have 2. Two boys to teach me the real meaning of crazy mom patience.
L is for Laptop. My right hand, my companion, the tool of my trade. Things its most used for: Designing, blogging, and looking up clever ideas to use with my kids and home.
M is for the following ladies: Marie, Michelle and my Mom. The leading ladies in my life. My sister, by best friend since we were 9 and my Mother who passed away when I was 16 and still influences me throughout my life.
N is for Nature. While I dont care for camping for more than a day or two, I just have to go outside at least once a day. I am so inspired by the beauty that nature brings.
O is for Oil painting which I love to do. But I only seem to make about one painting a year. I'm putting this one in our local county fair this month to be judged. I better get first place or else I hope I do well.
P is for Parents... My husbands parents. I have wonderful in-laws. They have been so good to me and are great grandparents.
Q is for Quest. I hope to travel all over the world in my lifetime. I love to see and experience new places.
R is for Ribs. My favorite food. BBQ baby back ribs that is... I actually don't like to eat a lot of meat but man are these things good!
S is for Scrapbooking. I have been preserving photo memories for almost 20 years now. I cant tell you how grateful I am to have gone digital scrapbooking five years ago.
T is for Twenty Seven. The age I will be on the 20th of this month. I will be joining the group of the late twenties. So I'm raising a toast, may the last few years of my twenties be made great!
U is for Utah. The state where I live. While I've moved around a lot, the majority of my life has been spent in this beautiful state.
V is for Vacation. My favorite vacation so far was when we went to the Oregon Coast last year for a week. I don't think I've ever had a better time in my life.
W is for Women I admire. My sister Marie for her strength and courage to get out of an abusive marriage. Loraine Reynolds, (a lady in my town) for always having something nice to say and something to smile about. And my friend Calie Eggleston who truly loves being a mother and is one of the best ones Ive ever seen.
X is for X-mas. My favorite holiday. My favorite memories as a child was helping my mother decorate the tree.
Y is for Yellow. One of my favorite colors next to Orange. Sunsets, sunflowers and bananas. Whats not to love.
Z is for Zest. My passion for life. May it never grow dim or be found lost.


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  1. Shut Up, I played the sax too. I started on a tenor in 5th grade, then went to the alto until high school. I so wish I still had one since we rented ours in school. I'd love to play again. You sound like a great person!!

  2. This was a fun post to read. I love visiting the Oregon coast, too.

    I'm sorry your mom died so young...What happened?

  3. Fun list! Love that you end it with Zest! ;-)
    Visiting from SITS. Come visit me at

  4. This was a very cool post. And ribs, girl, I live in Kansas City and you HAVE to have some ribs from here sometime!

  5. this was so fun I might have to copy you on this one sometime, super cute

  6. I love this idea!
    Win a $25 Target GC!

  7. What a super fun post. I LOVE Domestic Engineer...I'm so going to start using that when people ask me what I do. :o) My teenage self would have fainted if that was even suggested to her! Loving it now though :o)


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