Making A Fashionable Shredded Top (DIY tutorial by PettiBear)

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Hello to Everyday Mom Ideas readers,
My name is Viki Tiamat.
I'm a 29 year old Israeli fashion and graphic designer who combines the passion for handmade with being a full time stay at home mom.
I work to create wearable art that is visually pleasant ,comfortable and affordable .
Usually if I'm not busy crafting, you can find me on Etsy -I run two shops there-
PettiBear which is my street wear fashion shop and TiamatDesign my Graphic Design services lair
Most accessories that can be seen in my PettiBear shop, are made from leftover fabric scraps and up-cycled and reclaimed jewelry pieces

I'm a self learner and try to learn new thing everyday. The most fascinating thing I've learned was cardboard furniture making.
Yes,you heard me right-CARDBOARD!!!
You won't believe what you can make with a simple cardboard box left from your new purchase...It can turn into a fully practical piece of art that is also a furniture for everyday use! And the huge benefit of making these cardboard furnitures is the waist reduction and the up-cycling aspect!

not only furniture,but also cute toys can be made for your little ones

O.K,I'll leave my cardboard creations for the next time and focus on what I came here to teach you - other then recycle, we can UPGRADE...

We all have those old tops in our closets that we no longer wear,but for some reason don't want to donate (well, at least I hope stocking old things is not only my personal issue)... Needless to say that I'll NEVER tell you to throw these tops to the bibs ..But I highly recommend you to Jazz them up...And as I stated before-I LOVE giving to old things a new life thus,I'll show you how to make yourself a totally HIP and Uh, so fashionable for this season shredded top

All you'll need for this project is an old top, pair of scissors and a sewing machine (if you don't have one ,you can always stitch by hand)


Hope you like my new top and now it's time for you to go and make one for yourself :)
For more behind the scene of PettiBear follow me on-

Thank you so much Viki! This is such a fun idea. You always have beautiful and fun things to share on your blog and etsy store. Thank you for sharing this with us. -Julia

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  1. My pleasure! Hope your readers will like my tut :)
    Bear Hugs!!!

  2. Hi Julia! I'm visiting you back (and following you). Thanks for visiting my site.

    Is your birthday really in August? So is mine! (Although I'm at an age when I don't exactly celebrate birthdays!)

  3. Sorry, that last comment by "Anonymous" was really me. I hit the enter key before typing in my blog name. That's what I get for being on the internet at 3:27 AM!

  4. Fun post! I wish the secrets to cardboard were shared though . . . I have so many boxes from Amazon it's not funny.

  5. Wow, who knew up cycling could look so good? I especially like the second "necklace". Very nice.

  6. Hey. Do you have a video of the making a fashionable shredded top tutorial? thanks


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