Family Relay Race Activity

6:53 AM

With all the computer stuff I had to do this week I knew my boys were going to need some mom time carved out. So I set a goal to come up with an activity to do with my sons the the three of us... but the activity had to be no-cost and something active. So I came up with doing a timed relay race in the yard. I think this game would be fun to also play with a large group of people or at a party. Its a  perfect activity for all ages.

1st Station: Place rocks one by one in bucket with one hand.

2nd Station: Retrieve either ring or ball from baby pool with mouth while hands are behind your back.

3rd Station: Toss Frisbee to dad.

4th Station: Through football into bin.

5th Station: Kick ball through goal.
6th Station: Push brother in wheelbarrow to the next station.
7th Station: Run dump truck to other end of the yard.
Last Station: Crockett- Hit ball through all the loops.
And of course: Strike a winning pose for mom.

Here are our best times:
5 year old: 3minutes 29 seconds
4 year old: 4 seconds 6 seconds
Mom: 1 minute 33 seconds

We ran through the relay race several times. The kids loved trying to beat their previous scores. We plan on doing this activity again sometime before summer ends. Its going to be neat to see what new kinds of stations we will be coming up with next and how well Daddy does!

I hope you have so much fun doing this with your family and friends.


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  1. that does sound like lots of fun, I haven't set up a relay race with that much fun stuff, but I do timed races with my kids.

  2. Push brother in wheelbarrow? LOL!!! I gotta make some kids to try this, how cool is that?

  3. What a cool idea! See, I never come up with cool stuff like this! That's why I need to read your blog!

    xo Erin

  4. I love it! So creative and fun. :)

  5. Family fun all the way! Great idea!


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