The 5 winners of the Blogger Header + Matching Button contest!

1:45 AM

Everyday Mom Ideas recently had its first contest where we asked the readers to get "Creative" for a chance to win a free custom blogger header with matching button designed my me. And we have had some super fun responses...

Congratulations to Maricela from Not Quite Twins!
Who sent me this adorable picture and wrote this along with the photo...
 "Does "because it's my birthday soon and this is my birthday wish" count? :D 

I would actually really LOVE a new header and button because the one I have now is just "ok"...and I'd rather have one that is great! It would feel wonderful to open up to my blog and see a COOL header instead of the one I have. The button would be awesome because I don't have one yet!

I also emailed you a photo submission...and yes, it's shameless as well. I'm sorry. :P "

Congratulations to Fabiana! Who sent me this heart warming email...

"Dear Julia,

I´m no good with words (English isn´t even my first language!) and by far a good artist. I admire your work and wish I could someday have my own website. I´m a mom of twin boys who are 1 year-old now. Always worked until they were born and now I aspire to have a website where I can sell twins stuff. I confess that I am a bit lost as of where to start because this is a completely different thing from everything I have done so far… so… If you are inspired to create something related to twins and would like to give someone very far away a wonderful gift to encourage to move forward (it´s been very difficult since the boys were born – twins, you can imagine!) please do not hesitate! :o)

I am sure that a thousand more creative ideas will be sent to you, but maybe not so much heart driven requests…

Thank you, Julia, for the chance to express my wish.

All the best and congratulations for your work.


Congratulations to Elana Kahn! Who wrote this fantastic little poem...
A brand new header would be so sweet
And a button, too, is very neat

I made my own, as you can see
But yours would fit me to a T

The Twinners needs something pretty
Don't you think I'm quite witty?

A banner to shout "Here I am"
Come enter my giveaways for the fam

A button that everyone will click
A website that all the sponsors will pick

Please choose me as a winner
Because I am a saint and not a sinner

Congratulations to Annette W. ! Who sent in this acrostic name poem...
"E-E is for Evan, my only son...and Everyday.
M-M is for Meghan, my only daughter...and Mom
I-I stands for me, and your awesome Ideas.

My family blog has no designed header (other than the words written). I'd love a cute header for this, especially with your design skill! If I won the header, I would change the blog over to a stretch design with a simple background to compliment the header you make."

Congratulations to the Daun family! Who wrote this short essay. 
"I am so inspired by nature, conservation, and reducing our carbon footprint. I feel so passionate about both that and my family. I'm a recent blogger with little creative inclination. I'm excited about the therapeutic aspects of blogging, sometimes I just want to get things off my chest. With a military husband and a six month old, two year old,and three year old boys I'm often left with little adult communication. Blogging will be a great way for me to connect with other like minded people. Your expert creativity will help make my blog stand out, give me a blog to be proud of! Thank you for this giveaway!"

I big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter in this contest. I had a blast reading all the entries. And because we had such a wonderful outcome I just have to have this contest again... So if you didn't win you can try again in a couple of months. So this gives you a head start.
Mark your calendars for October 1st!!! 

Because 5 Creative participants will win their very own fully costumed blogger header with matching button. 

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  1. The photo submission was adorable! I'm so glad that my so-called creativeness won! I can't wait to see what you come up with for me! Congrats to all the winners!

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