Skill Builder Game Idea, For Young Kids (Featured Guest Blogger)

6:00 AM

I'm so excited to stop by from The Activity Mom to share an idea with the readers here at Everyday Mom Ideas. Thank you, Julia, for having me!
I started blogging about a year ago and I'm always searching or thinking of something new to make learning fun for my children. The goal of The Activity Mom is to provide simple, fun activities for moms to try at home with their children.
Here's a simple activity to try right now that can be adapted to your child's age!
Where is Brown Bear?
Use a stuffed animal or an object that is special to your child. We used Brown Bear.
Hide the object in a room and tell your child to come in and look for it (similar to hide and seek).

For younger toddlers say "Do you want a clue?" "It is by a toy that plays music". These clues are the perfect time for your little one to develop and practice their listening skills.
For older toddlers give trickier clues. Also, give your child a chance to hide the object and give a clue by themselves. It is so funny when the clue that they give you is "It's in that red box!".
For Preschoolers, draw a quick treasure map that will lead them to the object and/or have them draw a map for you.
Other Activities To Try Today:
Thanks again for having me and I look forward to seeing you over at The Activity Mom!

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Nicole for all her time and effort in creating this clever article. I just love how she incorporates different age groups in this skill building activity. Brilliant! She is always coming up with these super clever ideas over at The Activity Mom. You've got to head over there and check it out for more great ideas for you and your kids! -Julia

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  1. Thanks again for having me! It has been fun! =)

  2. That game never gets old. I still hide things for my 10 year old son to find. It's a crack up playing hot and cold with him.

  3. JDaniel would definitely need clues. This is great activity!

  4. Cute Idea ! Glad I found you! You can follow me at if you want. I look forward to reading more! Also check out my freebies and my giveaway while you are there!Thanks! ~Heather


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