My 5 Favorite Mom Memories

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1. 3 to 5 times a year my mom would come to my school just about when the lunch bell would ring and take me out to lunch on my lunch break. My friends were so jealous and it would make me feel so special to have that time for just the two of us.

2. Right after my parents got divorced when I was seven years old we had a particularly hard day. Sensing the tension my mom went and gathered a bunch of old news papers, brought them to us and told us to rip them to shreds with all our anger. We ended up having a blast covering the living room floor with ripped up news paper and taking turns burying each other up with piles of the shredded news paper.

3. On days that we (my four siblings and I) had to deep clean the house which was like bi-monthly my mom would blast her stereo with old 70's pop hits (mostly Cher and Donny and Marie) that we couldn't hear each other talk let alone argue or complain. We would all end up literally dancing and lip singing around each other while completing our chore list. My mom leading with the silliest dance moves.

4. A couple of friends at the beginning of jr. high started treating me badly and ignoring me. (pre teens are not very good at picking friends) When my mom saw how hard it was on me she came up with the idea of having a fun dress up/photo shoot party and only inviting my good friends. The party was a huge success and the ones that were not invited wished they had been.

5. The summer before my sophmore year my mom took us on mini vacations every weekend all over Utah. Spanning from Friday to Sunday. We visited LDS church history sites, national parks and my favorite was exploring the caverns of Timpanogas Caves!

Thank you so much mom for implanting the
creative seed in me so early on with your example.
I love you so much. Happy Mothers Day!

Whats A Great Memory You Have Of Your Mother?

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  1. What wonderful memories of your mom. I remember my mom floating in the pool with us on one hot summer day. Each of us, my mom, me, and my two sisters each in our own intertube. We sang as loud as we could some of my mom's oldie favorite songs. We sang and laughed for hours!!

  2. Lovely post. I remember lying on the beach on holiday with my mum letting the waves wash over us. Other favourite memories are my mum teaching us how to they used to dance in the sixties to James Brown. She was a real party girl and I kind of got that from her (although also got my dad's occasional hermit personality)!

  3. Your mom sounds like a great mom! Lucky you.

  4. My mom was a singer, and so she would try to have days where we wouldn't talk, just sing...kind of like an opera! It never lasted longer than 10 minutes, but we had fun!

    Thanks for dropping by Lemon Drop Pie today!

  5. Such sweet memories! I love the story about your mom and the prom dress photo shoot party- one of my friends did that in Jr High, way fun. One of my favorite memories of my mom is when I was really stressed out in H.S. and I told her I was too stressed out to eat dinner. While I was doing homework she brought me in a smoothie and said that I could just drink it while I studied. Very thoughtful!

  6. What fun memories you mention here. I love the going out for lunch idea and the housecleaning with the music full blast. My husband always likes the radio on when he cleans. That shredding the newspaper was a super idea for relieving the tension. Your mom was very wise coming up with that unique party idea too. Glad you had at least some good friends to invite that came.

    Here's a post about a special memory I have with my mom:

    Visiting from SITS.

  7. Such a beautiful memories of your Mom. I love that deep cleaning thing and your fun party. Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day.

    Stopping by from SITS

  8. Your mom sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! What a good and therapeutic way to vent anger and I love that she took you to lunch! I gotta do something like that!

  9. Wow, your mom is an inspiration to us all. It seems she was a thoughtful, wonderful, selfless mom. There's nothing like having a great example to follow ;)

  10. Hi! I'm popping by via SITS! Your mom sounds so cool!

  11. What a beautiful dress your mom is wearing in that pix. These are GREAT memories! Makes me wish I'd been better at things like that with my son - how cool!


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