Hide And Seek The Bumble Bee (kid craft and game)

6:16 AM

 Turn a rock into a fun bee inspired out door game. This is a quick craft idea that creates hours and hours of fun.

Medium sized smooth rock
yellow and black craft paint

Paint your rock to look something like a bee or you could try painting it into a lady bug. What ever you like best. I should completely dry in about 5 minutes.

To play the game: Have a kid hide the rock somewhere in the back yard while the other players are not looking. When the rock is hidden have the child return to the rest of the group and yell "The bee is buzzing" or something similar. Who ever finds the rock first gets to hide it next.

Hope you have fun with this one and that it will keep the kids bizzzzzzy. ;)

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  1. Very cute idea! Hope there's no rain today and I would love to play it with my kids.

  2. Hi Julia! Like the new look, I've been stuck you in my reader!
    My kids love rocks and I have plans to paint a bunch of flat ones for stacking fun and yard beautifying! This game would be a hit with my kids-- I'll hope I can make it resemble a bug! ☺ Thanks!

  3. I hate it when that happens! It should say "I've been stuck in my reader!"

  4. Great idea! We are always looking for fun outdoor activities. My kids love rocks too - so this is a perfect project/activity!!

  5. That's so cute! I'm totally gonna make rock animals this summer--thanks for the idea!

  6. Happy SITS Sharefest Day! That is a super cute game. My kids would love playing it and love painting the rock!

  7. How fun!You did a great job on the rock, too!

    Congrats on being 1st at SITS today! Have a buzzing good day:)

  8. What a fun idea! I hide Elmo and around the house and have my son find him.

    Happy Sharefest Saturday!

  9. That sounds like fun - I bet my Saturday class would enjoy it!


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