Pinecone Bird Feeders

5:56 AM

My son came home from school with one of these and I thought they were so nifty that we made 10 of our own to hang around our yard.

Pipe cleaners
Peanut butter
bird seed

1. Use the pipe cleaners as hooks by wrapping one around each pinecone making a loop at the top.

2. Spread peanut butter all over pine cone.

3. Roll the pine cone in bird seed. And there you go it's ready to hang up outside.


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  1. Awww I loved making these as a kid. Thanks for the reminder ~ will be sure to do this with my daughter some day. Someday because I'm not sure if she has a peanut allergy yet or not.

  2. What a neat craft for the kiddos! I'll have to try this with mine. :)

    Found you on Friday Follow, and I know I'm quite late. LOL But I wanted to say I'm following you now with both of my blogs. :)

    I would also love to invite you to join my new Mommies Faves Mom Bloggers Network, an extension of my one blog, Mommies Faves.

    We're just getting started, but have a great group of ladies there already. Hope to see you there soon too.

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing. We are going make these asap!

  4. I'm back again TAGGING you! Stop over at my blog to see what I'm talking about. Love to have you participate :-)

  5. We made a variation of this in Girl Scouts using half of a bagel. The whole thing is edible for the birds. I think that a critter larger than a bird took our creation, but hey, at least someone got some nutrition out of it. :) Great ideas and a great blog!

  6. I bet your kids are loving watching the birds!! Thanks for linking up to Anything Related!

  7. Great craft-making for children. I bet, your kids enjoyed it a lot. I would love to try this one with my kids. Thanks for sharing.


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