My Big Sis's Birthday Photo Shoot

6:06 AM

I’ve been meaning to put these up for a while now. I took these back in January. For my sisters birthday she wanted me to do a photo shoot of her. She had recently lost 20lbs and grew her hair out and dumped a crumby husband. And wanted some cute pics that reflected the new and improved her. So she went and had her hair done at the salon and I did her makeup. But by the time we were ready to shoot the sun was setting. So we had to rush to our location. 
Thank goodness for the flash! You can't even tell the sun had set. Oh and tip number 1: The best time to take photos is either when the sun is just rising or at sun set. Always flash on.

I’m surprised we got through any of it. We kept giggling throughout the whole thing. From people driving by to weird body contorting pose request by me. One of my favorite things about my Big Sis is that we have huge laughs...
I mean isn’t this giggling face just infectious?


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  1. Beautiful! Can see the family resemblance. :-)

  2. i love marie she is such a sweet awesome person.


  3. Hello gorgeous :) This ex- hubby of hers probably pulls his hair out over that stunner he lost. HA!

  4. you are to sweet. thank you for the lovely post about me. don't forget to enter my giveaway Julia

    And yes I do agree with you we do have great times.


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