"Magnetic Calendar And Chore Chart" by All Thingz Related (featured guest blogger)

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I’m so excited to have ALL THINGZ RELATED here as our first ever featured guest bloggers. I stumbled upon there site a few month ago and was mesmerized by how clever these two ladies are with their creations and I knew I had to share... Thanks Bridgette and Rebekah for doing a great job on this post. -Julia

Hi! We are Bridgette and Rebekah from All Thingz Related! Our blog is all crafts and creativity! If you love home decor and love learning how to make things then our blog is the place for you! We would LOVE to have you come visit us! I have to tell you we are so excited to be guest posting for Julia…and we want to take a minute to say THANKS FOR HAVING US! Today we have a project perfect  for  busy Moms! I Have 4 kids and Rebekah has 3 so we know what its like to juggle Dr. appointments and school programs…we think this might help! Or at least be a beautiful way to keep things straight!
Magnetic Calendar and Chore Chart
We both started our projects with a sheet of medal from $ Tree!
We found this medal mixed in with the matted art at $ Tree…It was a little tricky to find but worth the trouble! They are 12in.x12in. so this makes them great for a sheet of scrapbook paper! You might have to trim things up a bit but still…perfect!
008 106_1060
I chose to draw out my “grid” for the chore chart but Rebekah found some beautiful paper that already had the grid on it at Michaels! Good find Rebekah!
For the chore chart…after I drew on my grid I just took some tags I had printed out and glued them down and used some stamps to embellish each child’s square! I chose to stamp my girls initials on their square instead of doing their whole name. I also printed the days of the week off and cut them out for the top. Every thing here has been distressed with an ink pad! Time to decoupage this down on the medal! While that is drying we can make magnets!
121 106_1014
We both chose to print off what we needed for our magnets…months…numbers…chores and a little bit of clip art! Now you can decoupage them to what every you choose to make your magnets out of! Rebekah chose to use pieces of wood for her magnets! I chose to use strips of adhesive magnet strips and stick my print outs right to it. Then we both decoupaged over them to give them a nice finish! So by this point your background should be GOOD and dry! It take a while to make all these magnets! Lets see if the work paid off!
This is the chore chart all finished! The older kids get 3 rows and the younger kids get 2. I am going to reward my girls for every magnet they have on the chart at the end of the week!
Check out this beautiful calendar! Rebekah made cute magnets for holidays! The heart is for anniversaries and the balloons is for Birthdays! She used a crop-a-dile to punch holes at the top so she could hang her calendar with a ribbon! Wow…this calendar is going to make each month FUN!
Thanks for having a look at our fun with magnets! Please let us know what you think! It was GREAT to be here today!
~Bridgette and Rebekah

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  1. I know when every I come here I see something to delight me. This is so wonderful and want to thank you for the guest writers and you too.
    God Bless

  2. Im all giddy to see our post on your page! Thanks again for having us!

  3. super cute you picked a great guest i can't wait to go see what else they have done.

  4. Really, really, cute! I need a chore chart for my girls. I will have to see if I can find the metal to get it started. Thank you so much for sharing!


  6. How cute is this!? Saw you on SITS! Have a great day, great blog, too!

  7. I love it...I keep visualizing making a chore chart for my son, and I just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the inspiration for this weekend's project!

  8. very nice!!! love it! keep it up!

  9. That is great! I made a chore chart a while back, but that is awesome!

  10. Hi, I'm visiting from SITS. I like your blog. :)


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