Fun Kid Activity Ideas With Single Use Cameras

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It’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t like to play with mom or dad’s camera, but sometimes it’s not the best idea to let them run off and play with an expensive camera. We’re all for encouraging creative freedom, so why not let your kids loose with an inexpensive single use camera that results in quality photos?

Here are a few fun activities and ideas for kids of all ages:

  • I Spy with My Little Eye… Give your kids a list of items to find and send them on a photo scavenger hunt! Once they’ve found all of the items, they can put together a scrapbook of their adventure day.
  • My Fun Day… This is a great project for kids that have a little separation anxiety. If the kids are staying at a friend or family member’s house for the day, leave them with a single use camera so they can share their day with you in pictures. On the way home, stop and get the photos developed (and put onto a digital picture CD), and then they can tell you all about everything they did that day through their pictures!
  • An Underwater Adventure… Eventually (hopefully) the snow will melt away and it will be time for summer fun again. Even if your kid is afraid of the water, they can likely be tempted into the pool if you give them a waterproof single-time use camera (Kodak’s sports camera is great for kids. It’s waterproof and tough for kid use!). Have them take pictures of everything happening, including some funny underwater faces, for their very own summer scrapbooks.
  • My Life as a Dog… or cat, or bird. Ok, bird would be a little tough, but after your kid is armed with his or her camera, have them play different roles. For example, ask them to take pictures from the point of view of the dog and capture what the dog sees and does everyday. The pictures will inevitably be interesting, but it’ll also be neat to see how your kid sees life through the eyes of someone (or something) else.
  • These Are a Few of My Favorite Things… Let your kid tell a story of his or her own. You can even do this over the course of several days or a week. On Monday, give your child a single use camera and have them spend the week taking pictures of all of their favorite things (toys, pets, outfits, paintings, family
I wanted to thank the people from "Kodak" for writing up this fun article for Everyday Mom Ideas. And to let you all know about the up coming giveaway tomorrow that Kodak is sponsoring. 3 lucky commenter’s will be winning their very own Kodak Sports Camera. So stop on by tomorrow and enter to win! -Julia

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  1. hi Julia, wonderful ideas, as usual :)
    I wanted to let you know I mentioned you in my blog and posted a link to here :)


  2. I just sent your info on to Les Mess.

  3. Oh! What fab ideas! You could turn the photos in to a scrapbook /craft project after too!


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