FREE "Deer And Darling" QP Set

5:35 AM

This is a set of two 12x12 quick pages that go side by side. Here is what they look like together. I added the journal text just to show where a journal entry should go. You can add your own journal entry on the QP's.
Below are the individual pages for a closer look. You can insert up to 10 of your own photos.

12x12 Quick Pages are in a png. format set at a standard 3600 pixels each for easy photo editing and high printing quality. To download the QP pack just click on the link above and don't forget to unzip the folder once its downloaded.

Make my day and leave a comment and let me know what you think!!!


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  1. Adorable! I've got the other papers too. However, I cannot find the link to download the quick pages--am I missing something?

  2. OMG is so so pretty thanks for sharing this with us!!! I couldn't find the link for download. I'll be back later :D thanks again!

  3. Love this whole kit, but the kink is not working for the latest two QP's. Nothing happens when I click on it. Help!

  4. This quickpage (and kit) is perfect! My husband sings a song from the movie Darby O'Gill and the Little People to my little girl and this qp/kit matches perfectly.
    Here is a line from the song: "Oh, she is my dear, my darlin' one. Her eyes so sparklin', full of fun. No other, no other, can match the likes of her."
    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent!!


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