The Best Of- Celebrate EMI's 1st b-day

1:33 AM

Its been one year since I started up blogging. I have learned more than I have ever thought I would. It has been a challenge and a blessing. And to commemorate this huge undertaking I am posting my list of what I think are the best post of Everyday Mom Ideas thus far. So I hope you check them out and enjoy.

Happy Birthday To My Marvelous Mate A tribute to my supportive and loving husband. Plus a chance to make him blush.

Cardboard Fire Engine Truck Tutorial This was my original design and idea I loved Doing something so memorable for my son and hope this inspires other moms on any budget.

"Creative Critter" Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit This kit is by far my favorite because I put a lot of myself into it. My mother encouraged me to be creative as a child and now I share that gift with my children.

Getting Started With Digital Scrapbooking I put a lot of work and research into this guide so that other women could enjoy this new form of family history as much as me but with a big head start.

Who Has A Normal Family? I don't This post marked when I started finding my own voice in the blog world and started coming out of my shell. I felt vulnerable at the time.

Recipe Card Printable This is my favorite printable Ive done because I just think it just super cute and super useful. So there you go.

Chicken Noodley Soup Why? Well its the best tasting recipe ever and it just so happens to be mine! Make it and you'll love it.

Draw A Bird In 5 Easy Steps Because any one can do this one and there are so many ways to have fun decorating with this cute silhouette.

So Here is hoping for another great year or growing and sharing. And thank you to my commenters and fellow bloggers for the encouragement and inspiration to keep me going.

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  1. Happy One Year, and Happy SITS Saturday!

    You have a beautiful blog with some interesting ideas. CAn't wait to look around some more. :)

  2. Happy One Year! Whoot-whoot! Happy SITS too though I do follow you on a regular basis. Keep blogging and I'll keep commenting :-)

  3. Congrats on a year! That's awesome. My favorite post was the one on getting started with digital scrapbooking. It is much needed for the digitally inept.

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