Chandelier Pillow Cases- How To

6:44 AM

The old brown pillows just weren’t doing it for me. So for quite some time I was trying to figure out what I could replace the old ones with... At first I wanted to do an iron on transfer or some image, but those crack over time. Than I thought about embroidery. But I lack that talent and do not posses a sewing machine that does. One thing that I can do... is paint. So why not use a dye cut template and some fabric paint... answer: no reason not to. And this is how I did it. For about a dollar and some time this is a great way to spruce up your pillow cases and your room for that matter.

Tape template down to pillow with just about any tape.

You can use a stencil brush, sponge, or even an old rag to apply the fabric paint. Your going to want to use a vertical stroke as if you were stamping the paint onto the fabric.

Once that side is dry and the paint on the template is also dry you can turn the template over and use it for the other side of the chandelier.

Be careful not to load your brush with too much paint or it will bleed and or leak under the template.

Give it about 10 minutes to completely dry. And your done.

I hope this inspires a little frugal creativity.


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  1. I love a little frugal creativity. I definitely love the painting on your wall...

  2. This look beautiful. I'm moving to anew house soon and looking for good ideas to make the hose look good.

  3. Very creative!!

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  4. Um, can you PLEASE come to my house and deocrate????????
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  5. That is such a cool idea! I never would have thought of doing something like that! What a difference it makes!

  6. Oh my gosh that's awesome! I can't wait to try something like that!

  7. Ok I love the pillow cases but the painting on your wall is so awesome.

  8. That's awesome!!!! I totally love this idea!

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  11. Seriously so cute! Such a great idea. Yuck on the SPAM - why do people do that!

  12. Now THAT is a great idea...and even someone with my (very limited) artistic skill can handle it. Thanks!

  13. ah you need to decorate my room! i want that cherry blossom thing in my room! too cute julia!

  14. I adore this! I would love to have those pillows on my bed!!

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