A Birthday, Winter Snow, And The Hot Springs!

7:01 AM

We have a tradition in our little family that on your birthday you get to pick out what you want for breakfast... Your wish is our command. And Shantz was very adamant that we wanted a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles for his birthday breakfast. Last year he chose fruit salad. A lot can change in a year.

With their birthdays being so soon after Christmas (a with a very generous grandma) both my boys usually get a whole lot of clothes for presents. Aunt Marie gave the birthday boy this super cute chefs outfit and he runs to put it on every time he thinks mom is going to cook something. She also crocheted this beautiful scarf for him as well.

The birthday boy wanted to go to Mc Donald’s for lunch. And the manager gave him a free hat and kids ice cream cone. And boy was he protective of that paper hat... for like a week! He would wake up in the morning completely undone if he could not find the darn thing. No more paper hats from now on.

 After Lunch we were off to the focal point of the day. With snow about a foot high we took the kids "swimming outdoors"! We have this neat place here in southern Utah called the "Hot Springs" in Monroe Utah. And it has this natural spring were the water comes out piping hot from the underground. And the owner's of the land directed the water to a bunch of man made pools, tubs and water falls. Its like a whole bunch of natural hot tubs.

And here are some of our favorite pictures from the Hot Springs.

When we got home that late afternoon we washed up and had cake and ice cream with the rest of the family. And the best part for me was... The birthday boy slept in a whole 2 hours the next morning!!!
The hubby and I thought this sand castle cake was very fitting of activity we did at the Hot Springs. And made this the night before. The birthday boy was very impressed to say the least.

You can find out how to make this Sand Castle cake at http://www.familyfun.com/

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  1. I am very impressed by your cake making skills! Those hot springs look like a fun place.

  2. Looks like Shantz had a fantastic birthday! I like the cake too- it'd be great for a Little Mermaid theme too I think. You two are such awesome parents :)I'm sure your mom is so proud!

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  4. wow....that cake looks so good. i am so impressed with your talents....keep up the great work... :) The Hot Springs were amazing....hope to go again with you.......

  5. I am so jealous and I want to go to Hot Springs! That place looks awesome! Love the cake!

  6. And I thought outdoor tubs were only in Cialis commercials! That place looks like heaven.


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