Craft Talk Music Video- Too Funny!

6:30 AM

My sister in law told me I just had to post this on my blog. So here you go. I hope it makes you laugh at least half a hard as I did!

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  2. Now that is funny! No wonder your SIL said to post it:)

  3. Yes I laughed....where the heck did she get those gold pants!

  4. Nice. LOL Are you excited for Greys to start back up again? I can't believe in one hour Sloan became a father and a grandpa all in the same episode. LMAO. He's the best!

  5. Can I hire you? No really...Can you come do all my scrapbooking for me?

  6. I'm about a year and a half late, but this made me laugh! thanks! :)


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