A Beautiful "Mia Beads" Giveaway!!! Free Custom Color Handcrafted Hair Pins

10:00 PM

Mia Beads is going to give one of my lucky commenter a FREE set of 3 hand crafted hair pins. PLUS she is going to let that winner custom pick what colors they would like. How awesome is that! She is so generous!

I came across Mia beads on her etsy store looking for a great Christmas Present for a good fiend of mine. And when I came across her store I just had to buy some of her gorgeous hair pins. Needless to say they were a huge hit with my friend. In fact she squealed when she saw these beautiful pins.

So I contacted Mia Beads a few week ago and asked if she would do a sponsored giveaway at my blog here because I just had to share her store with you all. Its just toooooo cool not to tell you about. And Mia Beads agreed to do it. Thanks Mia Beads.

So Here How To Enter:

Mandatory entry: Go to The Mia Beads Store and come back here ant tell me what other product of hers do you like
Extra Entries:

1. Comment and tells us about who you would give this too and why.
2. Twitter about this giveaway and comment back here.
3. Blog about this giveaway and comment back here.
4. Follow this blog. Comment back here about it.
5. Get my button and put it on your site. Comment Back here about it.

Giveaway Ends Jan 31st at Midnight

Good Luck!

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  1. I love their lovebird earrings. :) Cute hairpins, too. :) I'm pregnant with a girl, I'd love some for my future daughter. :) Visiting from SITS.

  2. I love the frosted lily locket! Beautiful!

  3. I would give this to my friend S., who is just about to have a baby. I remember wanting to feel pretty after having my son and certainly not *feeling* pretty, so i want S. to feel pretty :-)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I liked the Vintage Snowbell Charm bracelet. Very Cute!

  6. I would selfishly keep this prize for myself. Actually, I would share it with my daughter. We both like to wear cute clips.

  7. Love the Holly Berry hair pins! Also like the Pearl Luxe earrings...beautiful!

  8. I like the Crystal Luxe Earrings!

  9. I know follow your blog!

  10. I now have your button on my blog!


  11. What a bunch of great choices! I for myself like the Fleur hair pins. But I would like to give my niece the Watermelon because she loves looking fabulous...at 7!

  12. I love the flower rings and the In the Garden earrings.

  13. I would love to give these to my sister or niece or friends. I know tons of people who would love them!

  14. those are all very pretty!thanks for sharing

  15. Hello,
    I just love All of the earrings but I would say "In the garden" are my favorite.
    Thank you for this chance.

  16. Wow what a beautiful store I'm going to buy somethings for myself.
    I love the Snowbells vintage bracelet and earings.

  17. I think I would share the love and give 2 away to two of my freinds and keep one for myself. One I would give to my friend danielle because she has needed alittle pick me up after her husband lost a grandma and my other friend jenny becuase she just had a baby and she had to have a c-section so she needs time to heal and gifts are always the way to go. I don't think just one pin would do though so I think I would buy more for the girls from this store.
    Anway thanks so much!

  18. What cute stuff!! I LOVE the fussy peacock earrings! And the lilac hair pins.

  19. I love the treasured button pin.

  20. I'm a Follower I just found your blog because of a friend and wow you have some great ideas thanks.

  21. I LOVE her Soho Luxe Earrings. Her style is awesome. I'm actually having her custom remake a bracelet for me out of my grandmothers pearls and CAN'T WAIT to see what she comes up with!! I'd wear one of the hair pins myself and the other for my 2 year old - I said I'd never have us match but I'm addicted!! :)

  22. hey there I'm a follower....
    My fav pick would be 'the 70's girl'
    I'd share (yes share) them w/my 9 yr old daughter. we love to fix each others hair and usually i have mine pinned back w/bobby pins! these are too cute!

  23. The Seeding Gold necklace is just adorable. amerskine@hotmail.com

    I can see why your friends liked their gifts.


  24. I would give this giveaway to a friend who claims she is not girlie, but always loves my girlie accessories. She enjoys wearing hair pins...a variety would be nice for her. 90 percent of her wardrobe is from a second hand store...this would be a treat.

  25. I put your button on my blog...it's on the left hand side. :D


  26. I posted/linked your giveaway. It is on the left side of my blog where my readers know to look for current and cool giveaways. I appreciate the opportunities to win.

  27. I have been oogling over hair pins such as hers for a month or so. I love those vintage pins. I would love some for me as well as my sister-in-law, who has long, beautiful hair. I like the pollyanna cowgirl set the best (I think), but they are all cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  28. this is a fab giveaway!

    SITS sent me by and I loved ur blog design esp the header!

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  30. stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Friday!

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  32. I love the teal flower rings!!

  33. If i won I would give them to my bridesmaids to wear at my wedding :)


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