Red Pepper Chilies Dip

6:54 AM

This is a super quick dip great for crackers! The red peppers give it such a fresh flavor it will be gone in no time! Ive been asked the recipe many times and now its yours!

16 oz-Cream Cheese (at room tempeture)
1can (4 oz) - Diced Chilies
1 medium- Red Bell Pepper diced
1Tablespoon- Chili Powder

1. Stir in a medium bowl: cream cheese, diced chilies, and chili powder until thoroughly mixed with no cream cheese lumps.

2. Dice up all the fresh red bell pepper. Mix in all the diced red bell pepper except for about a small hand full.
3. Sprinkle remaining diced bell pepper on top of dip. To make is a bit more pretty!

I hope you love it!


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  1. Yummy! looks good. I will have to try it this season!

  2. It sounds positively delicious : ) How could it not be loved? Stopping over from SITS this morning. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


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