Santa Wrote Back!

4:29 PM

My two little boys wrote Santa a few weeks ago. And when I asked them if they thought Santa was going to write them a letter back my 3 year old sadly said "No, He's busy".

Well today, when daddy brought the mail home. There were two envelopes for them from the north pole.
These photos say it all.

I found this fun website from a fiend and thought I should share it with you all.
If you want santa to write your little ones a letter you can on this link to print out your very own customizable Santa Letter. Pretty Cool!

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  1. That's awesome! "Santa" always called our boys on Christmas eve to tell them he was on the way. (A family friend would put a cloth over the receiver and crinkle tissue paper to sound like static. I swear, my kids bought it hook, line and sinker, every time!! I miss those days!)

  2. Your boys look so thrilled. They are sweeties!

  3. Your boys look so excited, what a cute idea!


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