Our Letters To Santa

1:38 AM

Above is my 4 yr old's letter to santa. He asked me to write down what he said. He also wrote the word "Santa" all by himself. He also drew the bike here on his own. To show Santa what kind of bike he wanted. And those things at the bottom are suppose to be christmas bulbs for the tree. Pretty good for a four year old, if I do say so myself! 

Above is my 3 yr olds letter to santa. He had his Dad write down what he wanted to tell Santa. He also had dad draw a Santa and bike to make the page pretty for santa. I thinks its funny that he said "I try not to pee my pants" too funny. And Dad and I are still not sure what a rocket bike is. He had his letter all written when he herd his older brother ask for a train across the room. So he told Dad he wanted a train to.

This is my husbands. Just a few hours before we sat down to do Santa letters. I accidentally saw one of my gifts from my husband. So that’s why he asked for a good memory swiping for his wife.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post my Santa Letter! Its going to be good!

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  1. Those are so cute! I love the 4 year olds! Kids crack me up!

  2. Those are great letters! I hope I still have the ones my kids wrote tucked away somewhere.

  3. Very cute! Hope you plan on keeping these...

  4. Until my oldest son got married, he got all the boys together and wrote one big letter. I like how you do it - I think we're going to have to change things this year, but yeah! They can all write their own letters.

    What a Santa fantastic post!


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