Our Cats First Christmas!

5:40 AM

We haven't had a cat in about five years. Six months ago, while we were in a pet store buying fish to restock the fish tank, we kept passing the section where the kittens were. And this one particular kitten kept reaching her little arm out the cage in order to get our attention. 1 hour later this "friendly" kitten was at its new home and was dead set on never coming out from under our living room couch. My husband was not impressed.

While the last six months of having a cat around has had its ups and downs, I had forgotten how enthusiastic cats can get over a Christmas tree...

It has become a daily routine to for us to pull the cat out of the Christmas tree and put her in the laundry room for a time out. We have even got our kids in on the whole thing. We've trained our 3 and 4 year old to alert us at the first sign of "kitty tree exploration"!Sig

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  1. But she's soooo cute!! I have issues with the cat that resides in my house, but I really think yours is adorable!

  2. Cats and trees a funny combination. I stopped getting a real tree. My cat is not as attracted to the fake tree, but the bulbs! I had glass bulbs that I traded up last year for the unbreakable ones. Problem now solved...(for us anyway).

  3. I have a dog and don't know what that is like, but your story and pictures made me smile.

  4. I have 2 cats, the kitten already caught herself in the tree, and both of them like to bat christmas balls off the tree...GRRRR..I'm still getting them fish for christmas though. I love my cats!

  5. Cats love trees, let it have some fun!

  6. That cartoon is awesome *L*

    I've been lucky I guess... my cats weren't ever really interested in climbing the Christmas tree!


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