Gram Cracker Houses Instead Of Ginger Bread

6:27 AM

This is the second year that I've made gram cracker houses. And I think its become a new family tradition. The cool think about these are that they are small enough so everyone can make their own. Even my husband got in on the fun and made his own.
Here are a few tips to make it easy.
  • Hot glue the crackers together.(so much faster and sturdier) And if you just have to eat the gram crackers later on (I don't recomend) the glue is easy to pick off. 

  • Use a piece of cardboard for the base. If you'd like you can cover the card board with tin foil.

  • Make individual ones for each person. I always remember getting frustrated when I was a kid when my little brothers would mess up all my hard work or they would insist on putting something on that I just thought was awful.

And this is the one I made. So fun!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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  1. Yours looks awesome!

    When I taught 5th grade, we did these with graham crackers, but I never thought of using hot glue!

  2. We did this in a kindergarten class. It went really well.

  3. In Italy we don't have this tradition, seems funny :-)


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