A Christmas Date

6:57 AM

  • As a couple, think of  a family that is struggling, either financially or emotionally and plan a secret "12 Days of Christmas" event (even when it's not Christmas time). Each evening, drop off something (gifts, food, poems, baskets, etc.) for 12 days straight. Keep your giving a secret!
  • If your in a hurry and can't manage 12 days in a row, try just buying one nice gift for that family/person in need. Wrap and Deliver it together.
 Do you have any other great date night ideas?


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  1. Came over from SITS. We want to do a 12 Days! It's happened to us before. {Pay it Forward}

  2. Stopping over from SITS. That's a sweet idea! I'm not sure we could do 12 days of it, but I like the idea of giving to another family!

  3. This is a great idea! I think this would be perfect to do as a family.

  4. Just came upon your site -- cool date night ideas. My husband and I are missionaries in Africa, and we don't have access anymore to the typical date night stuff we used to do (restaurant, movies, coffee shops, etc.), but these... these we can do! Thanks for some outside-the-box ideas. These will be great to share with others in our community, too -- thanks! :)



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