Ridding the Restlessness in your little Rascals!

10:59 PM

Some times(not always) I have other mothers come up to me and ask me how I can get my two boys to behave while shopping and waiting at places of business (my kids aren’t always well behaved in public, I promise) Truth is When they are really restless and start getting into things I pull out my secret weapon... "I spy and/or the ABC games" This works out almost instantly to redirect their attention to something less destructive.

  • I SPY: For those few who don't know how to play this or have been out of practice since your own childhood.-Take turns picking out an object in the room. So if it were a plant you would say I spy with my little eye something green. Then have your kids try to guess what it is. Who ever guess first gets to be the "I Spy" person. If after a few minutes the object cant be guessed. Tell them what it was and then have a second turn and try to pick something a bit easier.
  • ABC's Game for young kids- Take turn naming things that begin with the letters of the Alphabet. For young kids have them name things that begin with "A" sound. You would say something like "What starts with 'Aaaa'?" and so forth. I play this with my 3 year old and he loves it.

I’ve used these games in the car, restaurants, shopping, waiting for haircuts, and even once at a wedding. So next time your little ones are starting to act up because shopping is boring and takes to long try out these Restlessness Ridding games. Both you and your little ones will love it.
Do you have a tip for keeping your kids from getting too restless?

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  1. That's smart!

    Ways I get my 3 boys under 5 to behave in public:
    -bribe with cookies/stickers
    -get them to sing a song(still loud and annoying to others, but not as much as screaming)
    -get a sitter instead

    Guess you can tell that it's a struggle!

  2. Fun tricks! When I taught Preschool, well and even third grade, while we waited for visitors or assemblies, I would play these games.....also, I would play Telephone with them. I guess Telephone works better with a larger group though...it's fun! If you're not sure what Telephone is, it's when you start a comment, "Our class is the best!" and pass (whisper it in their ear) it to the first child in line. Then they pass it to the next and so on....at the end, it's hilarious what it ends up to be. Very rarely does it match what YOU said.

    Thanks for your comment on my Blog! You're very sweet. Your Blog is super cute and creative! I'll keep checking back for some great ideas!

  3. I don't have kids, but growing up we always played the grocery store game. Mom would say, "I'm going to the grocery store and I'm buying something that starts with the letter A" Then we would rack our little brains and try to guess what she was buying. It was so fun! My sis and I still do it on long car trips and we are in our late 30s!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

  4. ha! i LOVE the i spy game! well done you hehe - thanks for stopping by!

  5. A few weeks ago, I was at the airport and a mom was trying to play I Spy with her little girl. The little girl thought really hard and then told her mom she was ready. She said, "I spy... THAT!!!" and pointed right at her secret item! Hahaha!

    For older kids, I like "Great Aunt Annie." You think of a category (such as things that are hot, brown, heavy, crunchy, in Europe, mammals, begin with a vowel, etc... obviously the older the kids are, the harder you can make the category!) Then you give clues such as, "Aunt Annie likes chocolate, but she doesn't like vanilla," "Aunt Annie likes mud, but she doesn't like grass." When another player thinks they might know the category, they try giving you a clue, "She likes root beer, but she doesn't like lemonade," and you say whether they are right or wrong. If you're playing with more than 1 child, then the player who figured out the category gives clues too, until the others figure it out (or until you decide it's just not gonna happen!).

    Glad you stopped by my blog!

  6. Great ideas, I used to do the Spy game with my boys too.
    They are 7 and 12 and they still like to do that.

  7. My daughter loves this game! There was one time where all she wants to do was play it. Of course it drove me nuts!

  8. as someone else said, sing songs.

  9. I love playing games...and those are good ones! My kiddos love books/reading when we are walking around or waiting in line. I also think snacks work well for keeping them busy. And at restaurants we have a "restaurant backpack" filled with fun and new goodies to keep them busy while we wait for our food to arrive!

  10. We played 20 questions and the license plate game, where we tried to see how many states we could find license plates from during the car trip. Another variation on the alphabet game is to take turns finding things that start with the letter, going in order.

  11. Those are great ideas! With my 2.5 year old, we have him help us get things off the list, so sort of like "I Spy." Seems to help!

    Stopping by from SITS...


  12. cute ideas!

    stopping in from SITS. Have a great night!


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