The Adventures Of Making Our 2009 Christmas Card

7:18 AM

Getting this "Chistmas Card" done is what I basically did for the entire day yesterday. Although you may be thinking to yourself "Oh how cute!" The experience of capturing these "Cute" moments in time was far from it! First off I’d like to say taking photos of three and four year old boys should have its own merit badge in scouts.
As if getting my boys dressed, cleaned, hair combed, and into the mini van still looking dressed, cleaned, and with hair still combed is not a huge feat in itself. But we had the added pleasure of searching for location, preventing distraction, and making sounds and faces in order to produce smiles from unwilling participants...sounds and faces you pray your kids are to young to remember in order to avoid future blackmailing resources.

So this is how our "Cute Christmas Card Photo Shoot" went down...
As soon as we got to our shoot location a stray dog came running over with a stick in its mouth. Ekk! Dogs+Stick+Boys= Mess=Mom with camera+Furrowed brows+Strangers staring. So hubby jumped in and tried to distract Dog by playing fetch which only resulted in photos where the three and four year old faces where facing the camera but their eye balls where stretched clear right so they could watch the fetching. A few minutes later the dog went away but then immediately following the dogs departure a stray kitten came over and wanted to rub all over the boys. Finally the hubby just had to hold the persistent kitten in order to keep it from hopping up on the kids while I was just trying to take a decent photo. A few minutes after that I decided it might be a cute photo op if my little boys sat and posed on this nearby fence. But the whole 2 minutes they were sitting on the fence they just had these terrified looks on their faces like they were going to fall to their death a whole foot below. As if things weren’t going bad enough I then accidentally stepped on one of the presents we were using as a prop... crushing it. By this time we were all getting agitated and the brightness of the sun started making the kids eyes water. So when we told the kids to smile they would only bare their teeth so it looked like angry snarling. The hubby and I then began making silly faces and noises in hopes that the now elusive smile would soon appear. We soon discovered that the only thing that could make them smile was making obscene farting noises with our tongues and saying "Eww... That’s stinky"!
I would have liked to said this story had a happy ending However, after a few minutes the obscene farting noises wouldn’t even work anymore. So in a huff I called it quits and we went home.
Miraculously we did manage a handful of useable photos.


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  1. OMG....the kids are just so cute. Love the Xmas card idea!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are a saint, most mothers would not tell the story, but us gals always knew the truth. So congrates on telling those who have no clue. You are brave.

  3. After all your work, I'd say the pictures turned out great!

  4. You'd never know it was so difficult- the pictures turned out great! I TOTALLY can relate, though, we're braving the family picture session next week. I'll be sure to share my horror story, too ;)

  5. That is an adorable Christmas card idea!

  6. I love it, those pics are so cute. Last weekend we took Cole outside to do pics and we also had little challenges, what us moms go through for good pics!!

  7. Oh gosh...this is my plan for this weekend. It is way harder than we plan, isn't it? I love what you did with your card.

  8. hahaha.. I got a big kick out of this! I remember trying to get my nephews and niece to all be still and smile once for a birthday photo for my sister. I eventually gave up, and I had them make stamp their hand prints with paint. As I'm sure you know, when I said "get paint on your hands" actually listening to me seemed like a pretty good thing to do to them!
    Kids, haha, they are just so awesome!

    That is one awesome Christmas card by the way. I totally salute you on your journey to get it! :D

  9. Hey SITSta! Thanks for the comment love and following me on Twitter!

  10. "Ewww, that's stinky"?? Haha! I love stories like this about the fun experiences of being a mommy. Can't wait to start my own rollercoaster mommyhood!

  11. LOL! What is it about boys and farting. My boys are 6 & 7 and they totally enjoy those kinds of conversations!

    Thanks for the loud(but silent because everyone is still sleeping) laughter this morning. This was definitely an LOL moment for me.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  12. Like the idea of giving a merit badge for this! It is hard to get uncooperative kids to smile for pictures, I used to be one of them. We never did make a family photo Christmas card! I think perhaps if you let the dog or kitten in the picture with them, they may have smiled more readily and it still would be a cute picture.

    Visiting from SITS.

  13. Wow! You do deserve an award! The pics came out adorable and the card looks great! I have the same task ahead of me this weekend.

    Get the hubby, four kids and myself dressed, to a nice location to take pics so I can create our 2009 Christmas Card. Wish me Luck!

  14. Despite all the obstacles, you did manage to put together a great card!

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.


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