Make Your Own Halloween Body Parts

6:53 AM

This is a low cost craft with a big impact. I am actually making these for a spook ally, but you can just use them for around your house or to decorate your front entrance for those trick or treaters. I only had to spend five buck for some craft paint for this project.

Large rectangular card board box (Large Cereal Box will work)
Masking Tape
Flour and Water (for paste)
Card Stock Paper
Craft Paint: Red ,White, Brown,

1. Cut strips of cardboard paper, than tape them to the sides of the box to make arm stubs. And Tape one on top to make the neck.

2. Cut a triangle shape out of the bottom of box. But don’t cut it all the way out just enough to push the triangle back to create a slant, This is where the guts will be coming out.

3. Make your paste. Four parts water, one part flour. Mix until flour is no longer lumpy.

4.Cut newspaper into 1-2 inch strips
5. Dip strips of newspaper into the paste mix, until strip is covered. Take your finger and wipe off excess paste from strips. Lay strips of pasted newspaper across the body. Your going to want to make 3-4 layers to make it sturdy and so it will last for years to come.
6. Continue Pasting newspaper strips to the body, arms and neck until it is fully covered.
7. Now to make the guts and fleshy parts: Dip newspaper strips in paste. Crumple pasted newspaper into a ball or twist pasted newspaper in half. Place Crumpled pasted newspaper into the arms, neck and stomach openings. You may need to layer the pasted crumpled newspaper to get the desired effect.
8. Let dry overnight.

9. Now your ready to paint. Mix a small amount of brown paint to a large amount of white paint to create a flesh color paint. (Plastic container lids from large plastic tubs make great pallets.) Paint the Skin color on first.

10. To make the bloody parts look real mix some brown in with the red to make it darker. Paint all the bloody parts with the dark red first. Than when that is dried paint the tips of the bloody parts with a bright red.
11. To make the bloody-scratches effect, dip your brush into the bright red and dab it off with a paper towel. Quickly brush over the body with the paint brush.
12 Craft paint dries quickly so your project should be dried completely within an hour or less.

If you have any questions or need help with this craft you can email me at I should get back to you within 1-2 days.


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  1. You weren't just a kiddin in your interview! Those are disgusting! Nice work!

  2. How creative! It's amazing what one can do with just a few bucks and a great imagination!

  3. I bet my son would like to make one of those. Thanks sooo much for stopping by and for following !

  4. thanx 4 the great craft idea!! will use it on halloween.


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