Find the Pumpkin's Game

6:23 AM

I thought this would be a fun game to play with your family. Its also perfect for a party game. Plus the best part is this games cost just about nothing. Well this is my favorite part anyways!

· Ten pieces of white paper
· Five pieces of yellow paper
· Five pieces of orange paper
· A crayon
· Scissors

How to play:

1. Draw ten white pumpkins, five yellow pumpkins, and five orange pumpkins.
2. Cut out all the pumpkins.
3. Decorate each pumpkin with a funny face.
4. Write the number 1 on the backs of the white pumpkins.
5. Write the number 5 on the backs of the yellow pumpkins.
6. Write the number 10 on the backs of the orange pumpkins.
7. Have a grownup hide all of the pumpkins.
8. You and your friends will try to find as many pumpkins as you can until they are all found or before the time runs out. (You could play a fun Halloween song and have them search until the song is over)
9. Players will add up the numbers on the pumpkins each of them found.
10. The player with the most points wins!

Have Fun!

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  1. This game sounds so cute! Thanks for posting it!

  2. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is lovely! Please check my blog for a surprise!

  3. This is a really cute and simple idea. Thank you for sharing it wuth us!!!!

  4. This game is so cute! I'm going to try this with my little one. Thanks!

  5. Hi Julia thanks for your sweet comment on my blog TwoHeartsTogether!
    We are happy to have you as a follower :)
    I love your blog!!! This pumpkin scavenger hunt it so cute and sounds great for all ages, perfect for a Halloween party


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