Who has a normal family? I dont!

5:43 AM

Five "Abnormal" things about my little family
Just Keeping it real!
1. My four year old is terrified of my three year old. Three year old was born to be some sort of survivor warrior or something.
2. I only ever deep clean my house when rare company is visiting. So call ahead if you don't want to tread in Cheerios and toy trucks.
3. Some times my husband and I sit down to a romantic evening and play Halo... yes, the video game. (hey we're in our twenties, it can't be that weird, right?)
4. My husband doesn't eat any fruit and vegetables(we are aware that this is not good). So at the dinner table when my kids asks where is daddy's vegetables we always tell them that daddy already ate them all because the are so tasty!
5.It is commonly heard throughout the house by my three and four year old the following phrases: "I'm so frustrated" and "Your so annoying"


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  1. Haha I love it... I just realized, we all have an "abnormal" family...
    Thanks, I enjoyed this!

  2. I remember my Dad's looks when he saw me watching Nickelodeon so Halo is pretty normal :D and come on how can you not love fruits?!! Am sure you will get hooked on them some day for sure.. best of luck!!! :)

  3. that is so cute julia. LOL! so true

  4. That's about how much I "deep clean" my house too! Glad to know I'm not alone!
    Nice "meeting" you today, Sitsta!

  5. Funny stuff, something that I can relate, does it mean we are abnormal too?


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