My New Blog Background And Heading Design

6:33 AM

So this is what Ive been working on the last few days. Between chasing my three and four year olds and trying not to let the house fall down around me. I'm actually really loving this design of mine. I so excited that it came out so well. My Poor husband has had to put up with some not so gracious manners on my part as I attempted to finish this up. I'm so lucky to have found someone as patient and supportive as him.
Id love to know what you think. Do you think this would look great on this site?


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  2. I love it. Are you saying it would be a blog background. If so, yes. It has a great mood. By the way, when I design a card I love, not just like, I make him ohh and ah. Smile. He really loves me.

  3. I thinks it is really beautiful. How do you apply it to your blog. I would love to design my own blog backgrounds.

  4. Yes you've done a beautiful job here; it's a lovely blog template.


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