Dabble In Photography

2:24 AM

I dabble in photography. Truth is, a few years ago I received a nice digital camera from my sweet hubby and I haven't been able to stop taking photos since. I have no real education, unless you call trial and error an education in photography. Most of the time I have to take 100 shots just to get five good ones. By that time all parties involved are ill humored and ready for a nap. But I still do hope for the day that my photos start to come out great with little effort and fatigue. I would one day like to take some classes and actually learn the whats and hows of the camera. But for now I will try to be content with dabbling. Here are some of my favorite photos Ive taken this year.


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  1. I think they are beautiful. And even the great photographer take a lot of pics only to choose a few.


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