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Its My Birthday!
So here is a little about me that makes up who I am
MY 5 FOR 5

5 childhood facts
1. I was a blond child
2. I loved the care bears
3. I taught my little brothers how to build a tree house
4. I am the second oldest out of six children
5. I had an over active imagination that often got me into trouble and sometimes my brothers too.

5 Things that make me laugh
1. Playing pranks on my husband
2. Making scripted home movies
3. When grown people trip over things, including myself. (I know its wrong)
4. When my 3 and 4 year old have entire conversations with each other when they don’t think I’m listening
5.Roller Coasters

5 strange things that make me cry( and I actually don’t cry that often)
1. Parades (I’m just so proud and happy for the people in them)
2. Dancing with the stars. Every dance performance chokes me up.
3. Every time my kids go to the doctor or dentist even if its for a check up
4. When a couple break dances at their wedding.
5. Every time I get a new calling in my church.

5 things I want to learn how to do
1. Sewing
2.Salsa Dance
3. Carpentry
4. Make bread
5. Work with html codes

5 things most people don’t know about me
1. I want to sail around the world one day, so my husband needs to start learning how not to be afraid of boats
2. When I was five I taught my little brother how to pick his nose
3. I still love climbing trees
4. I love roller skating but never want to do it in front of people because I always fall down.
5. And I love a great action movie.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I really liked reading the 5's about you :)


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