Get Your Kids Laughing

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Laughter is the Best Medicine
Recent studies are proving that laughter may positively affect your child's health and behavior. Have you ever tried laughter to take their mind off of their pain when your child falls off of their bike? Laughter makes their pain seem much less intense. Another time to try laughter is when your child is acting lazy. Research shows that laughter stimulates the movement of blood to the heart and lungs. You may end up with a child so active you can't keep up with them!

Laughter can actually boost your child's energy and change their mood. It also has actual health effects as well. For your child, laughter strengthens their circulation just like soccer or basketball strengthens their leg muscles. Laughter may also increase antibodies that help fight sickness. The production of NK cells, ones that help fight colds and bronchitis, is much more likely if your child laughs on a regular basis. We all want happy and healthy children right? So isn't it a wonderful thing to know that good health and happiness actually do go hand in hand! -

Try These Six Tongue Twisters On Your Kids!
Bad Blood, Good Blood
Six thick thistle sticks
Toy boat. Toy boat. Toy boat.
One smart fellow, he felt smart.
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  1. I went to a retreat last year that focused on laughter--we had so much fun! I brought some of the ideas home to do with the children at school. They love it. I plan to continue it this year.


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