Former "Black Thumb"

6:46 AM

While growing up I helped my mother every spring plant and garden. I would like to say I learned valuable gardening tips and tricks from her. But between the two of us we killed every living morsel of vegetation our "black thumbs" could get a hold of.
We should have given up on our little horticultural adventures. But every year we took our hopeful and slightly delusional self's on over to the local nursery. No matter how much we extended our gardening budget every year the summers end only brought eye soars and sour faces. The fruits of our labor consisted of limped stems and crinkled up flower petals.
So you can imagine my hesitation come spring weather when my outdoor itch begins to set in. If only those poor plants knew as they were being rang through the register that they would soon be falling victim to my torturous desires.
Gardening has been a huge trial and error for me. I have to give major thanks to my mother in law for all her encouragement and knowledge. Over the last five years my garden has grown and spread larger each year. And to my amazement less and less things seem to die.
Even though I still have a very special gift of mucking up some poor plant every year I am elated that my diligence, persistence and diluted optimism is starting to pay off.


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  1. wait! you have raspberries??!!! i so want to do that next year! i'll have to get pointers!


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