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1.COOK YOUR OWN FOOD- Get a Kitchen with your lodgings-arrange for accommodations with a kitchen or partial kitchen. One of the biggest expenses when traveling is the money spent on food. You will save a bundle if you cook your meals yourself.
2. GIVE YOUR FAMILY A SOUVENIR BUDGET- Give your kids a set amount of money for souvenirs and put them in charge of how they spend it. This strategy not only eliminates those pesky requests to Mom and Dad, but also puts kids in touch with how much things cost. Kids are more inclined to save pennies when it's their pennies. Hold off on souvenir shopping until the end of the day. It cuts down on impulse buys and helps ensure that kids get what they really want.
3. OPT FOR SITE SEEING, Museums, and Parks over more costly attractions Try to pick a place where a lot of your site seeing and events are within walking distance
4. TAKE YOUR VACATION IN THE OFF SEASON- Lodgings, Attractions and Most Restaurant coast less after the busy season.
5. TAKING A CRUISE or going to an all-inclusive resort are other smart ways to control a budget. You'll know the entire cost of the trip in advance, and major expenses, from food to lodging to activities, are covered in one rate.
6. CAMPING: Many campgrounds often have campsites with electricity available, public showers and bathrooms. It may not be as luxurious as a hotel but is certainly a cost-efficient alternative.
7. SAVE ON BREAKFAST-Eat breakfast where kids eat free. And have your kids split meals you know are too big. Also take advantage of all continental breakfast.
8. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF COUPONS- Whether it is for lodging, food, or attractions – coupons SAVE money! Find them everywhere... online, in local newspapers, at convenience stores, motels, etc. Always read the fine print carefully for terms of the coupon.
9. BRING YOUR OWN REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLES- These can be refilled at the hotel and at attraction water fountains. A family of four could easily spend $20 or more a day buying water.
10. WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE VACATIONS- Driving is a good way to save money. But it can be as expensive as flying if you drive a gas-guzzling vehicle and have to pay for a hotel room on the way to your destination. So the key is to pick a destination that's just a few hours' drive away. In addition to saving money, you'll minimize the times you'll hear that inevitable question coming from the back seat: "Are we there yet?"

To find more helpful tips and information on budgeting for a vacation go to Credit Counseling. I ran across it a few weeks ago and found it very helpful and informative.

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