Tin Can Target Game

5:38 AM

Practice this game just like the cowboys do,
except without real guns, please!
Empty Cans
Water Guns
Paper (to keep score)
Rope or Chalk

To Play:
Set up empty tin cans in a line along a table,bench, fence or even the ground. Whatever you have available.

Purchase enough water guns for your guests. Buy all of the same kind so that everyone has a fair chance. Make sure that the guns shoot far otherwise the cans won’t get knocked over.

Prior to the party fill up the water guns with water.

Draw a line with chalk or use rope to create a dividing line between the cans and where everyone will stand.

Have everyone line up about six to seven feet in front of the cans, one person per can, and handout the water guns.

Everyone shoots at the cans. When someone knocks it over they get a point.

Do a few rounds.

The person with the most points wins a prize.

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