Puzzle Surprise (Date Night Idea)

3:54 AM

For a special date,

  1. First enlarge a portrait of you and your date and make it into a puzzle. (a great place to make these is at http://www.walmart.com they have great prices and its easy to just load up the photo you want)
  2. Second set up your picnic area at a trusty park, your house or your own backyard. Make a path with the puzzle pieces that lead to a special spot where a rose is awaiting your date with a special little love note to go with it.
  3. Finally have a nice picnic meal together with your date, When your finished eating go for a walk to "discover" surprises at stops along the way.

It is romantic and a great way to surprise your date.

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  1. Great idea! I think I am going to try it. Thanks!

  2. I was just reading through your date night ideas...some good ideas.

    My favorite, at home idea, was found in a book.

    Something like this:

    when he got home I handed him his robe and towel and he took a bath that I had already run for him.

    I met him on the porch with sparkling cider and gave him a note that said I will massage his feet but he is not allowed to touch me.

    Then we moved to the kitchen where we had appetizers and a new note that said i would rub his back and up...but he was not allowed to touch me.

    Moved to the living room where we ate dinner and watched a movie and his note said, other things...LOL..but he still couldnt touch me. Trying to keep this PG.

    Then dessert...and that's all that needs to be said. LOL


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