Fathers Day Card "FREE"

5:56 AM

This is a fun card that I designed, and want to share with you all this fathers day.
If you cant read the inside it says
"When it comes to being a great dad you've nailed it"
I hope you and the Dads in your life enjoy this fathers day card and please leave a comment I love hearing what you have to say.

Just pint this side (preferably on card stock) by clicking on this image so that it will enlarge. Now go to file and click print or click on your print icon near your search bar. When this side is printed fully, just turn it over to the blank side and continue to print the "inside printable" on the blank side. I decided to leave the inside of the hammer blank so that your kids could color it and give a bit more of a personal touch.


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  1. Very creative, I give you a A+++++
    I to create cards for a living and love the items I see. Great job. Have a great week.

  2. Very cute idea. There is a slight mistake though, you added an extra "d" in the "nailed" on the inside of the card. Would it be too tricky to fix?

  3. Sorry guys about the spelling, its always been my weakness among other things but I went back through and fixed it.

  4. This is a great Father's Day card! THANK YOU!


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