Free Custom Chore Charts

7:15 PM

Just thought I should share with all you parents out there this neat websites I found for
FREE customisable charts for your kids.
They have tons of free printable charts for just about anything you need.
Homework, Behavior, Chores, and so much more. Very cool. The sign up is also free.
Just go to

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  1. Thanks so much for the great HandiPoints website link! I love your site!

  2. Thanks for the link. We're trying it out with our boys and so far they are super excited about the cyberspace rewards- so funny!

  3. I really like your blog and have given you the 8 Tag award on my blog. Info is in post. If you don't have time to participate, that's okay. Hugs.

  4. Thank you so much of your review of Handipoints chore charts. We're thrilled that people are talking about us.

    If you want to do a give-away for your readers for a FREE month of Cool Cats Club membership, please get in touch with me: mary at handipoints dot com.



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