April's Date Night Idea

9:16 AM


This months date night idea is rather simple and one that I haven't tried out yet but have been thinking about. To me stargazing would be more than hanging out on the patio and watching the nightime sky, although that would be fun to I am sure. For me the date would go something like this...

First, get a sitter. Second, put together a little kit that includes a blanket or two, some form of mellow romantic music (whatever your loved one's preference is), and something to snack on (maybe strawberries and ginger ale). Third, drive out to your favorite camping spot, lake, hiking trail, park, or etc. Find a nice secluded place and throw a blanket on the ground, truck bed, grass, hood, or whatever else you can think of. Fourth, break out the music and food, climb under the other blanket, and truly just enjoy being together.

Take the time to watch the stars and talk about each other. Try to avoids subjects like the kids or work. After all, you aren't there to vent to each other you're there to share some quality time together. Kick back and enjoy each others company!

- Brandon

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  1. Hello there,

    Just wandered on in today from "mormon mom's", so glad I did, you have the most wonderful place here and I can't wait to return. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas! What a woman!



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