Can't Sleep Tonight

12:38 AM

My Past conflicts rise in the quiet of the night.
The Haunting voices of arguments gone by fill my cluttered mind.
I am suddenly transported to another time and space where no sense of the "NOW"exists.
The "Now" is smuggled in silence to the back of the room, like an unknowing captive, kidnapped and gaged in the dark of the night.
As I drift quickly into chaos... My heart starts racing and my legs and feet get hot under the covers.
I stare into nothing but am transported into a sub reality.
The angry voices echoing in my ears.
I see them.
I see their furrowed brow's...their darting eyes in my direction.
My head swells with "WhatCouldHaveBeen's" and "WhatIShouldHaveSaid's"
Until I have perfected the perfect... the perfect...aweing...Response.
The one that brings the hush.
Written by Julia DeLeeuw

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