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This is a digital scrapbook page made from the "Cozy Cottage" kit I will be giving away in this March. This has to be my favorite kit that Ive made so far. I am very excited about publishing it next month, and to see all your reactions.
Shantz had a great birthday,
He asked for fruit and doughnuts for his birthday breakfast. We took him up to Salt Lake for the day. For lunch we ate at Sonic, we ate in the car because it was to cold outside...big mistake. Shantz got mustard and chocolate milk all over his favorite outfit before we even got to go anywhere. We just buttoned up his jacket all the way to fix the shirt stain problem.
Our first stop was the "Living Planet' aquarium. Shantz's favorite was the color changing jelly fish. We all got to touch sting rays and see Dorah and Nemo.
Than we met up with some more family, (Adam, Cami, and Donny) at the "Clarks" planetarium and all got to watch a movie about Saturn in the dome theatre.
For dinner we went to this neat restaurant called the "Mayan". Its fully Mayan themed. They have five floors in this massive tree hut. We dined on the fifth level of the huge Mayan tree which over looked the massive water fall. This is all in doors. While your eating they have these Mayan people come out on the top cliffs of the water fall...there a chief and he plays the drums and sacrifices Mayan people to jump off the water fall into the pool of water at the bottom. Than there is this series of divers jumping and falling off this huge water fall which was at least 80 to 100 feet tall. They were doing back flips, back dives, free falls. They had to be professional divers. They do this every half hour. After one of the shows the chief came up to our hut and bowed down at shantz's feet and was mumbling all these chanting words because shantz was wearing a paper birthday crown that he had made the day before. You should have seen shantz, his mouth was hanging clear open he didn't say a word.
It was a really great day and as soon as we got shantz seat belted in his car seat he passed out. so he must have had a great day too.

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  3. I am new here! What a great blog! Hope you have a very Happy Valentines day! ♥ Hugs :)

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