The Name Game

2:34 PM

This is an easy and social game.
Its perfect for parties, family reunions, family night, or any get together

-scrap pieces of paper

1.Before hand, Write a bunch of names on the scrap paper of well known names that you think everyone in the party will know.

2. Don't let your guest see the names, You can fold them up and place them in a bowl until you are ready to play the game.

3. Tape the names to the players backs or forehead (so they cant see the name)

4. Now every one has to go around and ask each other "Yes" or "No" questions until they figure out who they are.

To make it competitive:
-The winner is the first person to guess who they are
-The winner is the first person to guess five names

Examples of questions: Am I a woman? Am I famous for singing?Am I an Actor? Am I blond?

Game theme ideas:
-Scripture theme: names of people in the scriptures
-Family theme: names of people in your family
-Presidents theme: names of presidents in the US
-TV Characters theme: famous fictional TV characters

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