February's - Brandon's Date Night Corner

8:16 AM

February's date night idea was something I tried a while back. It sounds a little ridiculous but it is one of our favorite date night memories. This one is highly inexpensive and can be done right at home.

Soap Carving

To prepare for this one buy a few bars of soap from your local grocery store. Dove bars work pretty well. Any knife will work, we ended up using butter knives and it turned out great. Then when the kids are all being watched by mom or the neighbors pull out the soap and knives and announce that your staying in for the night. Your reaction will be mixed but explain that you want each of you to carve soap into something that you want out of your marriage. When we did this my wife carved two big hearts with some little heart inside of them, symbolizing our family. I carved the word JOY into my soap. Take the time to communicate with each other and the ending soap product can bring up some interesting thoughts and questions. Have fun with this one and grow a little closer.

- Brandon

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  1. This is a great idea! The next time it is sub-zero temps, and we are all bored to death, I am going to soap carve with the kids! Thank for the idea!


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