Snow Man Family Craft

1:02 AM

Things you will need:
Large Cardboard box
Acrylic Paint (White, black, orange,)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
left over fabric scraps (for scarf)
Wire (for hook)

This is a cute and pocketbook friendly Snowman family Craft. And can be easily Personalized to your family's personality.

-To start- Find some large mixing bowls to use as templates. Preferably three different sizes.
-Than trace and cut the outline of the bowls onto cardboard. (we picked some up for free at our local grocery store)
-Next Draw and cut out the shape of a hat. You can now hot glue your cutout to form the shape of your snow man.
- Now just paint the circles white and your hat any color you'd like. Buttons and leftover fabric are great accessories. Buttons can be used as berries, eyes, nose, mouth. And you can use the fabric as a scarf or vest, apron, belt, You can even cut out a long rectangle, Paint it brown, and paint "Baby its cold Outside" in white, to make a sign.
-You can now paint the carrot nose on with the orange paint
- Next clip a piece of wire about four to five inches long. You can bend in into a U shape or curl the middle of the wire around a Pencil to make a spiral hook. than just hot glue this on the back of your snow man

Hope you have fun with this!

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