The Adverb Game, January's Family game idea

9:01 PM

The Adverb Game

This game calls upon ones acting ability. To Play it, the group appoints someone to be "it" That person then goes into the other room out of hearing length from the rest of the group. The group than agrees upon a adverb. (Adverbs are words that describe actions, and usually ends in an ly, like: slowly, painfully, mysteriously, sadly, etc.) Now the "it" person comes back into the room and can't know what adverb was picked. The "It" person now calls on anyone in the group to act out or say sentences or words "in the manner of the adverb" The "It" person may say "Tom I want you to tell Sarah that you love her in the manner of the adverb." Say the adverb is painfully, Tom would than do his best to tell Sarah that he loves her as painfully as he could, without saying the word "painfully."

Take turns being "it" until everyone has had a turn

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