January's Date Night Idea

5:34 PM

Are you stumped for a date night idea? Look no further here is a highly romantic and easily planned "surprise" date...

Scavanger Hunt

The general idea of this date is to have your spouse or significant other try to find you. When I did this one we ended up at a local hotel with a dinner by candlelight. You could do any number of things though depending on your budget and significant other's interests.Start by collecting some of your spouse's favorite items (Candy Bar, Flower, etc.). Next write a little note to go with each item that also explains where they need to go to find the next clue.You want to place the first clue and item at home where it is easily seen. Then let your imagination take over. Use relatives, friends, special places from the two of you's past. Ultimately they need to end up with you. This can be fun and exciting for both people involved. Give it a try.
- Brandon

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  1. What a great idea! When we were in college, I "kidnapped" DH's gerbil. He had to follow the clues to find it... we still laugh about it today!

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