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Monday, June 22, 2015

Unique Laptop Backpack

My husband has an overnight job where he needs to pack a whole bunch of stuff to get him through the long night and he really needed something that could carry his very heavy and large computer and organize all the little millions of things he need to cary. Thats why I just had to check out this Unique Laptop backpack by NokHoo Design and Im so glad I did.

This laptop backpack is so well made I have no doubt this is going to be lasting our family a long time. This is probably going to be passed down a lot. My husband and I both love this bag and have always had a hard time finding a computer bag that was big enough for his humongous laptop and this NokHoo fits just right.

And one of my favorite things is all the little details and designs. There was a lot of thought put into these bags.

These NokHoo laptop backpacks are made out of outstanding quality material and its cute too! I really like that the buckles and other fastening devices were all made out of real metal not painted plastic to look metal. Everything just screams quality.

I only wish I had this bag in college.

I completely recommend this laptop bag to anyone, and they come in more styles and colors that I know you will love. I don't know how many backpacks we have gone through because they were poorly made. I wish we had invested in backpacks like these. There is nothing I could find wrong with this backpack. It's just great.

A big thank you to NokHoo Designs for letting us review this unique laptop backpack. I don't review anything I don't like and My reviews are completely of my own opinion and have not been interfered with in any shape or form.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maternity Photography 2015

The is my first maternity photo-shoot and Im so thrilled it got to be with my husbands cousin. She is such a beautiful girl expecting her first baby! 

Some of the photos were taken at my home but most of them were shot at this beautiful park in Provo UT where they have a cute little nature preserve and boardwalk perfect for taking fun photos. 


Building Blocks Of Art

Wedgits are not your average building blocks set its ART! 

These stacking squares are geniously engineered to keep my active boys thinking and creating for hours. We just love these! 

Instead of just trying to replicate things like you do with other building blocks this Wedgits imagination Set challenges you to think outside of the box and come up with an artistic way to create shapes and designs. 

What you end up with is something along the lines of a fun sculpture or even a work of art. 

Another great feature of these Wedgits is that all the pieces are non-Chocking for babies so you don't have to worry about these laying around with little ones. Plus we were all really impressed with the quality and ingenuity of these building blocks. The grown ups couldn't help but get in on the square doughnut action.

We also loved that you can keep on building on to your Wedgit collection with additional different wedgit imagination sets. Very Cool! 

Below is a fun video my cute family put together. We made a fun game out of these Wedgits called wedgit gestures. Hope you check it out!