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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Creamy Beach Smoothy (Low Carb)

With baby number four on her way and being diagnosed with gestational diabetes it has forced me to radically revamp my dietary life. But it hasn't been all bad. Due to all the heat this summer I have found a real love for smoothies and love coming up with new flavors and combination of smoothies between 15 to 30 carbs a serving. This is my favorite low carb smoothy and its too good not to share. 

Creamy Beach Smoothy (Low Carb)

Serving size: 2
Carbs per serving: 17g.

1 C. Silk Coconut Milk
1 Coconut Chobani Greek Yogurt
1 C. crushed ice
3-4 splenda packets
1/2 C. no sugar added pineapple bits
1 whole lime

1. In a blender squeeze lime juice from the fresh lime. Leave out a slice for decorations if you want. You can easily add the rest of the ingredients but make sure your ice is crushed already before you put it in. Ice can be very hard on your blender.

Tip 1: I like Chobani yogurt because it is one of the few yogurts out there with almost half as much sugar as the other yogurts and its just a really nice quality yogurt. 

Tip 2: If you would like even lower carbs in your smoothy try plain yogurt instead of coconut yogurt and just add an extra packet of splenda. 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Grilled Polish Sausage Burrito (Quick Family Recipe)

This was a family recipe from when I was a teenager. I would make this as a quick dinner or snack after school. Its was perfect for if you were on the run and oh so Yummy! Now I make it for my kids every once in a while, and its a big hit at our house. With just four ingredients its quick and simple to make and full of flavors!

Grilled Polish Sausage Burrito

Burrito Size Tortillas
Package of Polish Sausages
Cheddar Cheese Slices or Shredded Cheese
Honey Mustard

1. In a large frying pan grill the polish sausages first till it has nice grill/fry marks on all sides.
2. Place polish sausage and cheese slices in middle of tortilla. Add a strip of honey mustard the length of the sausage. Now you can roll it all up burrito style.
3. In the same frying pan grill the polish sausages on medium with a lid on. Grill both sides of burrito till well toasted. 

Tip: You can grill more than one of these burritos at a time, as long as they all fit in your frying pan side to side and you can put the lid on. You can also freeze these for later. 




Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lush Decor (Review & Giveaway)

I just love my new bedding set from Lush Decor! I couldn't believe their prices for the full bedding sets. I picked the Harley Comforter 5 piece set and it comes with everything you see including the two extra decor pillows for less than $140.00 plus FREE shipping. My comforter set is made out of soft micro fiber material and its nice and light so it won't be too hot come summer. And the colors are so fun and bright. It really cheers up my dark bedroom.  I really like that there are lots of styles and options to choose from. It was hard for me to pick just one comforter set. They had so many beautiful bedding sets to choose from. 

Lush Decor is generously giving one of you luck EMI readers a comforter set of your choice as well!!!

Just Fill Out The Quick Form Below And Enter Via Rafflecopter for additional entries. 

Giveaway Ends March 30th 2016
Must fill out short sweepstakes form plus leave a comment on this post to enter to win. 

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